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IGM SRL focuses its activity on almandite garnet, or Garnet, a special abrasive sand quickly become the perfect abrasive for a wide range of industrial applicagtions as:

  • Sandblasting: IGM Garnet sand is globally known as one of the best natural abrasives in the market for sanblasting process, the only one capable of granting an optimum result linked to a low environmental impact.
  • Water & liquids filtration: ideal as main product for multi-media filters, IGM Garnet is often used as key element during sanification and treatment of liquids
  • Waterjet: nel settore del in waterjet cutting segment the name of IGM Garnet abrasive is synonim of high quality standards and low spares consumption, leading to an overall productivity increase that none of competing industrial abrasives or competitors garnets can offer.


Thanks to a flexibility oriented company policy with special stress on customer’s expectations IGM is capable of handling all needed processes as a constant quality control or a highly developed national and international logistic chain,, granting consistent stock of IGM Garnet abrasives always available and offering our customers:

  • immediate availability, both of our best products as of contacts with our skilled personnel able answer any of our customer’s need in terms of process and product know how.
  • Lowest price fluctuation
  • No stock break, thanks to a constant supply of our Garnet sand always available for the customers.
  • Highest product quality (CERTIFIED), granted by a precise refuse of our company to suppluy blends or recycled materials, that while look as economical do not represent a real alternative to IGM Garnet quality abrasives.


IGM Garnet abrasives used for sandblasting, water filtration and waterjet are completely free from polluting heavy minerals and toxic elements, thanks to a technological manufacturing process that eliminates any contaminant or hazardous element as free crystalline silica (check our MSDS, IGM Garnet has the lowest free silica content among available garnet abrasives in the market), for a total safety work and with lowest exposition levels and health risks. Our company commitment for customers health and environment protection does not end here! IGM grants customers its expertise and company image for the right handling and waste management of process slags, so to reduce and minimize the environmental impact of a natural product as Garnet sand.

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What is this Garnet?

Garnet is a group of silicate minerals used since bronze age as abrasive media for several manufacturing processes. Garnet sand has susbstitued silica sand since quite several years, being free crystalline silica an environmental and homan hazardous and toxic element as a growing body of studies is showing. Garnet sand thus costitues a more than valid alternative for sandblasting thanks to its granules increased angularity, intrinsic crystalline structure and hardness. Propelled by high pressure water Garnet is frequently used to cut steel and other materials through the so-called waterjet applications, for whose a special and extremely hard grade is sorted and prepared do to obtain a highly optimized product for cutting. Last of all given its superior hardness and the higher specific weight, Garnet sand is often preferred to other traditional abrasives – as quarz, silica sand, olivine, staurolite etc…- in the realization of multi layer filters for water and liqquids treatment, granting an increased shelf life in application

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All of our products are natural mineral and non hazardous sands.
Let our experience guide you so to develop a tailored and certified proposal for wastes handling and management, so to protect human health and our environment.


Sabbia Garnet Distributor

The commitment devoted to keep and enhance strict quality standards allows us to offer products under the maximum possible certifications and to grant our materials are precisely respondent to MSDS and technical data, but even more to each quality certificate following each lot.

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