Garnet for Water filtration in Parma - IGM

IGM in Parma deals with import, manufacturing and exclusive distribution of abrasives, sands and Garnet for Sandblasting.
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For water filtration treatment and aquariophily IGM can offer the full set of grades to allow IGM branded Garnet sand become the main filtration media for multi-layer filters set up, granting an enhanced sanfication and treatment action for any liquid.

With regards to traditional filtration medias (silica sand and quarz), IGM Garnet thanks to its higher specific hardness and specific weight offers a longer shelf life in application, confirming its prime role also for liquids filtration applications. The grain sub-angular structure offers a wider contact surface, where the high specific weight works to maintain a strong cohesion between the particles and the layers, consequently an improved filtration performance. Our products developed for filtration are alluvial, thus they keep a strong and stable crystalline structure if compared to crushed products (because the latter suffer mechanical shocks due to crushing) avoiding progressive dispersion of micro-particles due to water flow corrosion affecting crushed products. Our filtration product range is developed starting from deposit alluvial materials featuring a stronger and more stable crystalline molecular structure with regards of crushed industrial garnets or other medias (the latter suffering of fragility borne by shocks due to crushing process). These features avoid the progressive dispersion of fine particles and micro-powders into the liquids due to water flow erosion effect which impact is particularly evident in crushed products. Furthermore the low content of Calcium (CaO) and other soluble elements inside IGM Garnet improves the overall performance of the filter and minimizes the wear of the ducts.

Our water treatment product range is completed with Anthracite and Active Carbons, national silica and gravels and international granular quarz.

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