IGM Srl - Garnet Abrasivi in Parma

IGM Srl, a company headquartered in Parma importing and distributing in exclusivity Garnet Sand, sandblasting, water treatment and waterjet cutting.

IGM Srl focuses its activity in the import, manufacturing and distribution of almandite garnet (Garnet), one of the best abrasive sands available in the market for sandblasting, water filtration and abrasive jet cutting (waterjet). Highly skilled logistical know how and corporate policy are oriented towards flexibility and customers’ expectations enhables IGM to keep a sound competitive position and to offer a wide product portfolio meant to reach and satisfy the different demands of the international customer and of the abrasives market.

Sabbia Garnet Distributor

Our commintment in keeping and upgrading the strictest quality standards allows us to offer abrasive products wiht the highest possible certifications, granting that our Garnet sand is always coherent with the technical data and the quality certificate that goes together with any delivery lot and single product

The same commitment is spent in the express refusal of promoting any regenerated/recycled abrasives or simply blends, that while giving the illusion of some economy spare on price do not constitue in any way a valid alternative to pure IGM Garnet sands both in terms of productivity, since they precisely bear an increase of manpower & energy costs, along with a lower time productivity and quality result. Even in times of crisis and market contraction our company policy is to offer good prices without compromising  in any way product and services standards, thanks to a flexible and lean organizational structure, avoiding low funtional structures and directly managing, without intermediaries, all supply chain from production to end user.

Our best business card, advertising and ultimate goal is our customers satisfaction. Ask those who already made their decision, you’ll see IGM is a premium choice.

“Discover that nature is art and there is no art without nature. Appreciate and protect nature. Love, dedication and will, no shortcuts, no compromises. Ethic and respect are our rule, we believe in this. For we can write our story in every grain of sand.”

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