Sandblast and Garnet for Sandlbasting in Parma - IGM

IGM in Parma deals with import, manufacturing and exclusive distribution of abrasives, sands and Garnet for Sandblasting.Contact us for a quote!

Choosing IGM as partner for your blast cleaning, preparation and surface treatment operations, means to grant top standards to your work, low metric consumption and high productivity in complete safety.

IGM branded Garnet is produced using natural crystals of almandine garnet family, mineral known for its enhanced hardness and tenacity features, combined with high specific weight, making it one of the best natural abrasive media. IGM Garnet means also safety and ecological protection.

Our products are free from heavy metals and toxic elements, thanks to our production and quality control process eliminating any hazardous element, most of all free silica, for a totally safe work with minimum level of exposition and health risks.

Our full commitment towards quality helped us develop low-impacting and environmental-friendly abrasives, extremely low in chlorides content, metallic iron and electrical conductivity and almost  crystalline silica free. This policy allowed our material to be credited and certified by the most important international organizations.

IGM is partner of major shipyards, oil&gas-industry and professional blasting companies, but most of all of the many big and small users which thanks to their wide and diversified requests keep on helping and supporting us in order to improve a product range which is actually suitable and recommended to be used in all surface preparation field, like stainless steel, ferrous metals, alloys, aluminium, concrete, stones, etc. tested and approved by paint manufacturers.

It is thanks to all of our customers if today IGM Garnet can be proud of being the best market product for sandblasting processes as surface preparation of  stainless steel and other metal and alloys, aluminium, concrete, stones, and much…much more!

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