Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive blasting combines a cleaning with a finishing action. The finishing effect may vary by controlling such factors as abrasive hardness, abrasive particle size, abrasive stream speed, angle of abrasive gun, distance from the surface, method of application and work flow and other parameters as chlorides content and conductivity.

Being performed for surfaces preparation prior to finishing, abrasive-blasting is generally used to replace sanding, wire brushing and pickling. Ordinarily, no further process is necessary because the blasted surface is chemically and mechanically cleaned.

Abrasive blasting can save from 25% to 75% of the time normally required by hand cleaning thus reducing overall costs and environmental impact. Blasting is considered economical. Abrasives are relatively inexpensive (and in case of high quality abrasives also reusable) if considered on overall activity costs.
The general economical advantages of abrasive blasting lie in the reduction of man-hours required to clean and finish parts, needing only minimally trained personnel, while keeping, on the other hand, high productivity per hour per euro/dollar of equipment. Abrasive blasting can make a good finish and create an improved microscopical surface structure favourable to paint and primer coating. It also produces a better tooth for bonding. It is estimated that the surface area of metal increases as much as ten times as a result of the abrasive impact action. This increases the surface to which paint, coating or plating can adhere.

IGM working in close connection with main professional users internationally and certifying organization has developed a whole range of blasting abrasives studied to perform the many different operations required by the specific roughness and material to be treated.
We offer a full grades range tested and certified by world known testing lab as ISO, Osha-Pel or Tüv under chlorides and conductivity levels required by major paint producers to enhance blasting performance. Our abrasives are suitable for multiple use as the extremely high hardness of the products makes the granules almost indestructible, harder than a rock. Most shipyards and oil companies consider IGM as preferential partner for their applications since our product do not fail any attempt.
Once you try you our products you will never change them for something else.